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Game Testing Documentation

So after my foray into Java applet curation, I noticed that the wiki was lacking detailed instructions on how to properly test extracted games inside the developer build of Flashpoint.

It’s very important to test games within Flashpoint as opposed to standalone Flash/Shockwave/Java/etc viewers due to the way Flashpoint is structured. It also gives you an easy way to debug and hunt down missing assets


Lack of game testing instructions for developers


During my curation, I wrote out instructions for myself to refer back to in the future. Got my first wiki account and created a post and made a link to it on the home page. Wrote out the instructions and asked for some feedback from the discord.

Snapshot of the Wiki page as of writing

I was happy to see that a day after I posted it up, a user on the discord mentioned that they used the instructions and that it was useful. It made the effort worth it.

You can find the wiki here.