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BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint

Summary: Archival project. Multiple areas of work - Reverse engineering Web games for preservation purposes, Working with and disassembling discontinued plugin technology, Contributing to the launcher program that plays the games

Tools used:

Launcher work:

Disassembling binaries (and reassembling):

Rescued games that were lost to the Internet:



Notes: Recognized as a staff member and given the roles of Hunter (successfully rescued a lost game) and Curator.


Summary: Work-In-Progress. A web application for users to share their open source ideas and find interested collaborators.

Tools used:

Current functionality:

Completed (Somewhat)

Canvas Fingerprinting Analysis

Colleague: biskit1

Summary: Analyzing Javascript calls from a web crawl in a large dataset and catching unique trends. Project was built from scratch.

Tools used:

Notes: Won Mozilla’s Overscripted competition and was invited to speak at Mozfest 2018 about the work.

Summary: Freelance work for Adfluent Media Inc. Supporting and working on a URL redirection tracking tool.

Tools used:


Summary: Enabling ESLint in various directories in Firefox and fixing issues.

Tools used:

Notes: Was directly thanked on a Mozilla weekly update.


Summary: Contributed to Solidity, the contract oriented language for Ethereum.

Tools used:

Notes: Was thanked directly on 2 releases: v0.5.0 and v0.5.1.

Virtual Reality Clubhouse

Summary: Made a virtual reality clubhouse for Mozilla’s Clubhouse Challenge. Working in Mozilla Hubs. Project was built from scratch.

Tools used:


Summary: A demo of a concept for a game I wanted to make. Made for an and Github game jam. Project was built from scratch.


Note: Ranked 276th out of 328, haha.