There’s too many interesting projects, help.

This is becoming an issue. I find too many fields to be interesting and I want to jump into all of them.

Also, Mozfest was like a really bad drug for me and introduced a lot of cool folks and their projects. I’m too hyped to write calmly today.

Thankfully I have leverage to contribute to some of these projects as a part of an open source course but still, it’s a lot of stuff.

Currently my main aim for the two major assignments for that course is working in two repos - one internal to Seneca, the other external.

Internal External
supernova - a tool to get information on an accounts starred repos Solid - re-decentralizing the web with pods

There’s a few other projects that I’d like to tackle but I’m extremely sure that it will be out of scope for me.

Some other projects I hope to get my feet wet in:

Biggest challenges for the projects


  • Learning Rust syntax
  • Understanding Rust tools/components/compiler
  • Writing clear instructions.


  • Learning the code base,
  • Interacting meaningfully with more experience developers
  • Understanding the standards
  • Fixing up instructions
  • Actually making something tangible

For both of them, I worry about getting stuck doing documentation - it’s important but I wish to build cool things.

I’m extremely excited to dive in. I feel that after my trip abroad meeting so many passionate and kind developers has made me fall in love all over again with software. Seeing that it has followed me home rather than just being left abroad with my memories is extraordinary.

I am feeling overwhelmed but it doesn’t feel as stressful as it used to be.

My fingers are burning to build.