Adding a Markdown file output using Rust in supernova

supernova is a commandline tool made by a friend of mine for grabbing information on starred Github repos and outputting them.


Malformed markdown - looks nice in terminal but doesn’t translate into and actual markdown file nicely.


Hunted down some Rust file output examples - had done basic readme adjustments but wanted to actually play with Rust so decided to extend the issue to allow a file generation.

  • Include necessary imports to enable file manipulation
  • Initialize the file through creation and indicating location of path
  • Catch errors
  • Loop to print each starred repository
  • Force a 2 space + carriage return to force new lines on each repo printed

Side Issues:

Had a lot of good code review from the maintainer:

  • No ability for the user to indicate what name of the file, where the file is generated or even just not to generate the file
  • Rust-specific best practises not being used (which is interesting, due to most of the tutorials on Rust file generation does not use best practises or even depreciated commands)
  • Getting used to Rust syntax and somehow scrounging up the time to go back and fix up the PR.


Having a nicely formatted, markdown file filled with starred repos can be useful for quick searching and better visualization than via terminal output.

As always, link to the pull request.