I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to continue to work on open source projects and have them count towards my marks.

This time around, I wanted to work on two particular sides of open source. One being a new project, with maintainers backed by a large organization, and the other being an extremely old project still in use today.

I briefly encountered Mozilla Hubs in a Virtual reality room design competition(I’ll probably write about my experiences later). Hubs is a virtual reality meeting room that you can access via browser and can share with just a url. You dont need a VR headset, and you can voice chat, text chat and import 3D models into it. Sketchfab is the preferred repo of VR ready models that work well with Hubs.

I wanted to work on Hubs namely because I liked the product - I’ve been a fan and advocate of browser accessible programs for more than 10 years (although the game no longer runs in browser), as a young person who lacked the knowledge of how to install games onto my computer. Another reason is to see how a large organization like Mozilla structures its new project endeavours in a sort of organized chaos.

The other project that I wanted to work on is almost the complete flip side of Hubs. After building and contributing to Firefox for the first time, I wanted to see what a very old, still in use, great developer tool looks like. So I have decided to try working on Apache HTTP server. Whereas Firefox was launched in 2002 (ignoring the Netscape era), the Apache server is from 1995.

Firefox got me to use IRC for the first time - Apache uses mailing lists for its older projects. I want to try out various development environments to see what suits me more.

And of course, I may potentially head back and keep doing some work for Firefox - it really is an awesome project.